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Work in progress

Golden moon nights

Some vintage threads

Some designer fabric

Hello beautiful mouse

Lovely vintage shelf

Caned marine animals

Cute Lollipop buttons

Handmade with love

Working on spring

Thinking of the beach

Surgical material

Don`t mess with women

The sea in summer ray

Glass blue buttons

Glass color buttons

Glass withe buttons

Grandmother's buttons

My favourite colour

Big Tooth Fairy Army

Mouse Punapu working

White cotton fabrics

Antique linen fabrics

Grandpa`s fabrics

Green fabrics palette

Some Romantic fabrics

Glass green buttons

Lidka working hard

The happiest mouses

Hanging by a thread

The history of Punapu

“The history of PUNAPU began without me knowing it when I was still a child. When, out of childish curiosity, I would sneak out to my grandmother’s workshop and play hide-and-seek in the cloth closet.

I admired all the different colored spools of wooden thread … Hundreds of different buttons… some very old, some simple wooden, some elegant ones that sparkled like diamonds, all neatly stored in metal boxes.I was fascinated by the rattle of my grandmother’s old sewing machine …

My beloved and favorite rag doll “sewn over low heat” from an old linen shirt, with her face embroidered especially for me by my dear grandmother, with a lot of patience and even more love was the beginning of it all.
My beloved grandmother to whom I thank SO MUCH for opening me to this wonderful world … ”

This is the story of an idea and a philosophy linked to love and passion for children, for their limitless imagination, their sensitivity and their infinite faith that everything is possible. It is a passion for an endless colorful world.

The true designers of the PUNAPU collections are the children and their images, their stories, dreams and fantasies. I just listen to them and try to transform them into funny stuffed animals. My role is to design and sew children’s ideas. ”

Here you will find the Tooth Fairy who replaces baby teeth with small gifts or coins, magical unicorns that grant wishes, funny and brave pirate mice, cheerful sea animals and cute kittens. It also awaits you all the magic of Christmas embodied in different Christmas characters with the three Wise Men as the main role.

This is also the story of my fascination with fabrics and the world of crafts.

“The fabrics with their touch and their colors have something special for me, I can’t even explainit correctlly… Something magical from my childhood, that excites me and transports me …”


About me:

I am a textile designer and artist, graduated from the Academy of Art in Poland. During my stay in Germany I learned the secrets of the trade, combining precision and good quality with an artistic process.

Thanks to love, my nomadic soul has finally settled permanently in Barcelona. Since then, this beautiful city inspires me with its colors.

My passion for design, decoration, handwork and the stories I lived with my children, led me to create the Punapu brand. A unique and colorful world to make children’s fantasies come true 🙂

I love what I do and it is a pleasure to share it with you. I love to see people enjoy my creations (especially the little ones) and realize that they have fulfilled their goal of making their owners happy.
I would like my creations to fill your day with joy 🙂
Thank you very much for visiting my website 😉

A hug.


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